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I am the brainchild, I am the mortar;

with a plastic trophy and an eating disorder...

Optimist Prime
10 June 1981
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This journal is an oversized chuckle suppository for the chronically unamused.
My pink half of the drainpipe
Separates me from the incredibly fascinating story of your life and
every day to day event in all it's minute and tedious attention to
detail... And was it a Thursday or a Wednesday? Or, oh, no, it wasn't though. Oh,
who cares anyway because I do not. So Norman, if you're normal, I intend to
be a freak for the rest of my life, and I shall baffle you with cabbages
and rhinoceroses in the kitchen incessant quotations from "Now We Are
Six" through the mouthpiece of Lord Snooty's giant poisoned electric


But seriously.
I search for knowledge in all its forms, and I try to understand myself and the world around me. I'm hopelessly additcted to trivia and comparative religion. I treasure my friends and I mourn my losses. I have been going through a lot lately; dealing with an abusive past and having a disability. And even though my journal has taken a darker turn as of late, I still manage to come out smiling. Which was how I got one of my monikers, Optimist Prime. I love geeks, freaks and 'outcasts'. Fandom makes me smile.

I'm attending university (okay, Community College >.< ), and I am looking forward to experiencing academia with a disability.

***NOTE: If you happen to catch me online and would like to IM me, feel free! I like to talk to strangers. ;) HOWEVER: please let me know you found me through this blog or through MySpace. I do not respond to anonymous IM's. Thanks!***

For All The Basics About Me: http://paganmudslide.livejournal.com/100817.html

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